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Click Field Service Edge (CFSE) is an innovative, market-leading field service management software solution, offered in a modular fashion to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations. CFSE is available in 4 editions, Essential, Professional, Professional Plus and Ultimate, reflecting different base levels of capability. These editions are supplemented by additional modules. This gives field service organizations the flexibility to adopt the features and functions they need, and to expand as and when their business requirements evolve.


Essential Edition

Field service automation for visibility and operational control of the field workforce


A service provider’s journey to improve field service efficiency typically begins with gaining visibility and operational control of service operations and the associated costs. Click Field Service Edge Essential Edition is ideal for organizations looking for an intuitive way to manage field resources’ calendars and availability, and ensure that the right resources with the right skills are being sent to the right places. Dispatchers manage field resources’ skills and availability, receive work from a variety of back end systems and assign work accordingly.

When unexpected events arise, dispatchers receive alerts, identify qualified candidates on a Google Maps interface and assign the nearest technician with the right skills to the job site. If there is a shortage of resources in one area, schedulers can shift resources around to ensure appropriate coverage of the incoming jobs. Pre-configured rules and parameters, which can be unique to each line of business, region, or district, ensure dispatchers are presented with the optimal choices regarding resource allocation. Likewise, dispatchers are alerted if jobs have been scheduled in a way that conflicts with business policies or objectives.


Professional Edition

Intelligent field service management software for more predictable schedules that improves operational efficiency


Organizations that require a field service management solution that delivers field service cost reductions through intelligent automation should consider Click Field Service Edge Professional Edition. The Professional Edition addresses a variety of service scenarios that involve customer facing work performed by individual field service professionals. Professional includes intelligent, automated scheduling capabilities – ensuring field service operations are optimized according to a wide range of business goals – and dispatch capabilities to support improved productivity and efficiency.

The Professional Edition analyzes many thousands of jobs, resources and locations simultaneously, and automatically produces the best possible schedule for your business by leveraging over twenty years of service best practices and leading-edge artificial intelligence. This enables customer service representatives to offer appointment times that are convenient for both the customer and the business, and automatically realigns resources and reshuffles jobs to meet work demands and customer commitments. Taking into account the unique rules, objectives, and key performance indicators of your business, ClickSoftware enables you to strike the right balance between delivering superior customer service, and keeping operational costs in check.


Professional Plus Edition

Real-time field service management optimization for high volume and volatile schedules that elevates customer experiences


For many organizations the day of service presents its own set of challenges: an unexpected, high priority job comes in, a mobile worker is taken ill, or a customer is not home when they said they would be. A true measure of superb service is how efficiently and effectively organizations adapt to the changing dynamics inherent in their industry. To guarantee your mobile workforce will positively represent your brand in front of the customer, it is imperative that the right worker with the right skills, parts and equipment gets to the right customer at the right time.

Service providers operating in a highly volatile business environment that would benefit from the ability to continuously optimize the schedule throughout the day of service should consider Professional Plus. Professional Plus offers the ability to optimize service in real time as new work enters the schedule. Leveraging machine learning to predict travel times and job durations, schedules are executed with an unprecedented level of accuracy. Whether responding to an emergency, tight SLA, or same day appointments, Professional Plus accommodates high volume and volatile schedules. Recurring schedule optimization services are also included to ensure continuous business success.


Ultimate Edition

Field service management optimization for long-cycle work and mixed service businesses


For service providers tracking projects that take days, weeks or months to complete is not an easy feat. Long cycle work often involves multiple resources, and multiple dependencies in terms of the necessary sequencing of specific tasks. With the ability to manage long cycle work in Click Field Service Edge, schedulers and dispatchers have a monthly schedule view that displays capacity usage per resource. They can easily drill down to see a single day view for more detailed information. With the Ultimate Edition, long cycle and short cycle work are managed and scheduled in one solution, giving service providers the ability to share resources between lines of business, further increasing the productivity and efficiency of the service organization.

The Ultimate Edition serves the needs of organizations that offer varied types of services, ranging from routine operational tasks through to highly sophisticated service engagements involving multiple personnel over longer periods of time. From short duration tasks to long-cycle work typical of asset maintenance or construction, and from individual field service professionals to teams and crews, Ultimate empowers field service organizations to support different business lines with diverse needs within a single solution. Recurring schedule optimization services are also included to ensure continuous business success.


Available Add-Ons

Click Field Service Edge is complemented by modules that allow customers the flexibility to adopt the features and functions they need, and expand as and when their business requirements evolve.


ClickSoftware’s enterprise mobility capabilities meet the needs of a variety of field operations users. Mobile application development tools enable IT teams and Systems Integrators to respond to business requirements with great agility, providing rapid business value. Out-of-the-box capabilities include job dispatch, work compliance, health and safety procedures, automated time reporting, field worker knowledge, upsell, automated navigation, and more. HTML5-based but also leveraging native capabilities, and offering a responsive UI, ClickSoftware’s mobile platform supports all major mobile operating systems and includes a development studio with a visual forms editor to enable highly tailored applications.

ClickSoftware’s workforce mobility solution includes wizard-driven completion based on pre-defined workflows and mandatory information and automatically captures many details so that they don’t have to be entered manually by the field service professional. Timesheets and parts usage are automatically tracked, so the timeliness and accuracy of this information gives a real-time view of operational status – even as the cost of gathering the information is minimized.


Customer Engagement

ClickSoftware’s Customer Engagement Module offers end-customers multiple interaction channels with their service provider without the need to install a separate application on their device. Customers receive notifications and estimated arrival times, and can reschedule appointments, provide additional context to the service provider, see the mobile worker’s location relative to their location, and provide feedback via an automated survey immediately after service delivery. The Customer Engagement Module extends ClickSoftware’s role in the service chain directly to the customer through interactive, bi-directional communications.

This module enables service providers to enhance the customer experience, offering customers multiple and modern channels to engage, including text and / or email. From the moment the customer has a need for service, to the time immediately following completion of the work, the customer feels in control of the service process. Calls to the call center, particularly those inquiring about the whereabouts of the service technician, are greatly reduced since questions that were once a heavy burden on the agents can now be answered by the customers themselves through their preferred communication channels – mobile and web. Additionally, armed with all the information they need ahead of time, and able to communicate with the customer more easily in advance, mobile workers increase job completion rates and first time fix percentages.


Contractor Management

Contractor Management provides an end-to-end solution for managing third party workforces from planning through to scheduling and execution. Contractor Management extends Service Edge beyond the internal workforce to give service providers, and their contractors, greater visibility and control over the service the end-customer receives. This capability presents the service provider as the single face of service to the customer (from appointments, to status updates, through completion) for brand and service consistency, while leveraging the service capacity elasticity provided by their contractors.

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting merges historical volume and performance data with assumptions about the future and produces a highly accurate workload forecast. It applies predictive algorithms to historical data to produce a graphical interface that requires no special statistical knowledge to interpret or modify. Each forecast can be tailored to exactly the timeframe, resolution and domain required by different management levels in your organization. Demand Forecasting sets the stage for planners to create an accurate resource plan based on historical data enabling greater cost control and improved resource utilization.


Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning for Service Edge streamlines planning and operational business processes such as scheduling and demand forecasting. The solution enables planners to better plan based on business priorities, look ahead and identify areas at risk such as missed SLAs for high priority work and lower demand coverage, and take action that improves business performance. Planners and managers have greater control to optimize, align and scale tactical and execution decisions across the service organization. Capacity planning improves the productivity and efficiency of field service by ensuring balanced resource utilization and SLA compliance.


ClickSoftware Empowers Businesses

“ClickSoftware was the clear winner because of the stability of the system and the build-in flexibility to meet our unique business needs as they evolve.”

Fernando Pelaez Tapias
IT Technical Leader, Tigo Une



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